Christmas wish list

Hey everyone,

With Christmas just around the corner and having finished all of my Christmas shopping last week I thought that I would write a Christmas list for myself as I haven’t done one this year!  I love reading other peoples gift guides and getting inspiration for my own so I thought I’d share mine in case you were looking for some ideas to add to yours this Christmas.

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The Honeymania bath melt from Body shop review

Hi all,

Over the last couple of months I’ve had a little Body Shop binge due to their incredible offers (40% on top of the sale!). My order arrived yesterday and I feel that it’s only right for me to share with you some reviews of the products I’ve bought.  The first product I will review is:


The Honeymania bath melt. 

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Costa coffee mint hot chocolate review

The Christmas drinks are out at Costa and I couldn’t resist trying one. As I am not a fan of coffee, I decided that I would try the mint hot chocolate. Today I will give you my verdict of whether I think it’s a drink you should try .

 My first impressions were that this is very chocolatey drink. It definitely doesn’t taste like powdered hot chocolate so you’re going to love it. Indeed, it has a nice, slightly frothy texture to it, but the mint flavour doesn’t overpower the chocolate taste. Indeed , there’s a perfect balance of mint and chocolate , which ensure that it’s not sickly at all.
Also, I enjoyed the Christmas-y touch of a mini mint candy cane that I was given with my drink. I thought it was really cute.
To conclude, it is one of the nicest hot chocolates I’ve had from a coffee shop. It gave me a Christmas vibe and I definitely left costa with a smile on my face. 
Overall rating:4/5


Boux avenue review 

​Hi all,
Today I will be giving you an account of my boux avenue experience. For those of you who don’t know the company, Boux Avenue Ltd. is a chain of lingerie stores based in the United Kingdom. I would say it is middle / upper market as bras start from around £30 and up.  Of course this is maybe not as expensive as agent provocateur but remember I am only a student haha !
Being the bargain hunter that I am,  I checked out their sale and found it pretty difficult to find any good sales for my size. This is partly due to their website being really bad ( sorry boux avenue but you need to make it more user friendly !)  but also because bigger sizes seem to be less discounted.
So anyway once I navigated around their site and came across some affordable bras (in the 10-12 pound region) I decided to purchase a cute red bra.  Upon purchasing,  I was able to choose the free gift wrap option that promised beautiful wrapping paper and scented rose petals. 
When it arrived I was very impressed with the wrapping service but the scented rose petals were a let down as I really had to search in the packing to find them and their scent wasn’t very strong. 

However,  my bra fitted amazingly and the quality was really good. 
Overall rating:  8/10



Hey all,


I do apologise for my lengthy disappearance. I’ve just started university again so things have been pretty hectic.


However, I have some good news! I’ve been nominated for another Liebster Award! Yay! I love doing tags like this! Thank you Alluring Alaska Beauty  for nominating me! Go check them out how lovely she is! So let’s get started!


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Back to uni special: Interview with uni finalist, Catriona


Dear readers,

I hope you are well. I have been super busy and am now preparing to go back to university officially. Things have not gone as planned but I am persevering.

As it’s back to school time I thought I’d do an interview with a friend on my course at university to help you have a better picture of university life for those of you starting this year.



What is your advice for fresher’s week?

My advice for fresher’s week is to take everything in your stride; it’s a new environment with new people. Go out and try new things, you’ll feel home sick at the start but it will soon go!! Everyone is in the same boat so making friends will come naturally, you will click with some people instantly and there will also people you don’t get along with.

Is it true that you can pass exams even if you only get 40% of the answers correct?

Yes the pass rate is 40% but you should work as hard as you can.

Will I be able to deal with the work load?

I found the work load in 1st year very manageable, you just have to set aside time for work and socialising.

Do you advise me to get a job whilst studying at uni?

I got a job in my first week at uni, it taught me to manage my time better and it was nice to have extra money. Be realistic whether you think you can handle juggling things.

What have been the best and worst things at university during your experience and an undergraduate student?

I have loved studying new and challenging things. I have also made lifelong friends who I know I will always keep in contact with. The best experience of time as an undergrad has to be my year abroad it France, I can’t describe it other than simply amazing!! As for the worst moments, exam season can get pretty stressful but it all worth it in the end.


Thank you Catriona !

Don’t hesitate to leave some questions if you have any.